Just days before the secret of who won “The Glee Project” is revealed Damian McGinty spoke about his experiences as one of the four finalists in the dog-eat-dog competition judged by Ryan Murphy.

Speaking to Wet Paint he admitted that coming into the competition he felt lucky to have had years of experience singing with the Irish singing group Celtic Thunder. However he said he immediately struggled.

He said “I came into this competition with probably the most experience out of the 12, but in ways, it worked against me because what I had was a certain type of performance, and that was big. That wasn't what was needed for television, and I didn't quite understand that. Hence the struggle in weeks one, two, and three.”

The 18-year-old Derry boy went on to explain how he had to forget everything he’d learnt performing on stage with Celtic Thunder and go in an entirely different direction. “I had to strip down what I had made of myself in the past four years and build up a new performer whilst saving my ass every week.



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The ever so humble McGinty continued “I just feel like I've improved in every area of performing. I'm still not a good dancer. But I have learned that it's not about being a good dancer, it's about putting it across well and selling it.”

He’s now known across the world as the “Irish one on ‘The Glee Project’”. McGinty said that he’s grateful he has an Irish accent on this show as it’s really made him stand out. He said “I think actually it's helped me a lot. Back home, an accent isn’t a big thing because they all sound like me. But over here, I get quite a few comments saying, ‘Wow, I love your accent.’”

However he’s quick to point out that each of the contestants has individual traits that make them unique in the contest. McGinty said “I got a question before about, ‘how do you feel you would have done in this competition without your accent?’ That’s like saying how would Samuel have done without dreadlocks? How would Lindsay do without her Broadway voice? And Alex without being flamboyant? My accent is a part of the Damian McGinty package, I suppose.”

For the last couple of weeks there has been frantic speculation online that McGinty is the winner of seven episodes as a member of the cast of ‘Glee’. The premiere of the 3-D “Glee” movie revealed that McGinty was the only finalist to appear as an extra.

McGinty was asked what his character would be like if he wins. They asked whether or not he would use his Irish accent. He replied “Have you ever heard my American accent? I don't think you would make me fake an American accent.

He added “From what I gather, Ian and Ryan said that they've always wanted to cast an exchange student. I will be surprised if they took away the Irishness because there's a lot of material in me being Irish and being on Glee. It could be quite interesting and funny writing.

He continued “I think it might have been week five that Ryan said, ‘Damian, I see you coming in as the Irish exchange, and he starts off very lonely, very vulnerable — like you have done in the competition. I can see you growing and becoming a leader of Glee.’ I think he kind of gave a small insight into his thoughts maybe, but apart from that, I have no idea what a potential storyline would be.”

“Glee” and Damian McGinty fans around the globe are bursting to find out who Ryan Murphy will chose as the next new cast member of his smash-hit show on Sunday.

Our money is on Damien McGinty.

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