With the finale of the Glee Project this Sunday night, fans are busy guessing what kind of a role the new cast member could play.

A hot contender, Ireland’s own Damian McGinty could be the next biggest star of the hit musical- comedy television series, after beating off thousands of other contestants to make it to the show final.

Speaking to TV Guide.com this week, the Derry man said he thinks if he scoops the prize, he would most likely play a freshman in the hit show.

“I think Ian said last night that I would come in as a freshman. If I did get the role, I think it would be quite obvious that I would really be the youngest on the show,” he revealed.

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“I look quite young and I'm only 18, so there would be an element of me being the baby.

When asked about what makes him an unique character for the show, the Celtic Thunder singer said his heritage would be a big advantage.

“Obviously, I'm Irish, but also Ryan has said to me he has seen me coming on to the show and starting off very quiet, missing home, very vulnerable, and then in the end getting to know people well. He sees me ending up being the leader of the glee club. So, I think he sees a lot of potential there. It's just interesting and very flattering and exciting for me to hear that.”


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