Where was Damian McGinty last night? After last week’s splashy green debut that launched a near media frenzy, McGinty was largely not around in last night’s ‘Glee’ episode.

McGinty’s premiere as exchange student Rory Flanagan last week made entertainment headlines when his character was riddled with leprechaun connotations. With an entirely green ensemble, a rendition of ‘Being Green,’ and cracks including U2 and Lucky Charms, nothing stereotypical seemed to be off limits for the writers on ‘Glee.’

Last night’s episode, ‘The First Time,’ was promoted to be the episode where many of the couples on the show would finally be shacking up. Tastefully done, however, it was only Rachel and Finn who went all the way.
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McGinty’s character Rory Flanagan did make a quick appearance as a member of the ensemble during the crew’s performance of ‘West Side Story.’ After a shot of him singing, Coach Beiste commented how “We gotta work on this kid’s diction” in reference to Flanagan’s undeniable Derry accent.

So, will this brief appearance count as one of McGinty’s promised seven episodes as co-champion of ‘The Glee Project’? Hopefully not!

Tune in next week’s rumor-themed episode, and see if McGinty makes his third appearance on ‘Glee.’

Below, catch the promo for next week’s ‘Glee’: