Not content with bagging special Madonna and Britney Spears episodes, Glee's Irish American live-wire creator Ryan Murphy told the press this week that's he's angling for two other headliners.

'I want to do something on Prince,' Murphy announced this week. 'I love Prince. I think he is just a genius, and I would love to feature him and his music on the show. Everything about him is dreamy and fantastic, and more than that, he meant a great deal to my life growing up. So I'm saying, 'Prince, help me out.'

If his Royal Purpleness decided not to take the call there is another hall of fame option. Murphy wants to script a George Michael episode.

'I don't think George Michael will be onthe show per se, but I'm a huge fan of George Michael and I love his music, so we are gonna do something with George Michael's music.'

Glee fans worried about the ever increasing number of celebrity stunts can take heart.

Executive producer Brad Falchuk assured the press the focus remains on the key characters we know and love.

'We'll probably just do one or two tribute episodes each season. We're really trying to make this season about the intimacy of the characters. We want to get into it with the characters, get to know them better and dig deeper into those people, because we love them.'