The 'Machete' actress is to make a cameo appearance on the musical drama series playing herself serving as a guest judge at the Nationals competition, and her signing has delighted everyone involved with the programme.

Cory Monteith - who plays Finn Hudson - said: "We're super excited. She's been through it all and I'm excited she's coming to the show."

Harry Shum Jr. - who portrays Mike Chang - added to 'Access Hollywood': "I think she's funny."

Two years ago, Lindsay - whose career has been blighted by a string of legal problems and stints in rehab - was infuriated when Gwyneth Paltrow's character Holly Holiday made a joke mocking her over her personal difficulties but 'Glee' chiefs have now smoothed things over with the actress.
Harry confirmed: "They made amends."

Meanwhile, Chris Colfer - who plays Kurt Hummel - has revealed he thinks the show should do a One Direction tribute episode after witnessing their popularity at the Kids' Choice Awards at the weekend.

Speaking on the orange carpet at the event, he told E! News: "Maybe we'll do a One Direction tribute episode."

Lindsay Lohan at her last court appearance, last weekGoogle Images