The other Niall Horan is being inundated with inappropriate offers from young girls on Twitter – and he’s gay!

Tipperary man Niall Horan, a 31-year-old from the village of Drongan, warns visitors to his website that he is not the Niall Horan of One Direction fame.

But that hasn’t stopped over 5,000 young fans bombarding the other Niall Horan’s Twitter account, much to the amusement of the insurance company worker.

Niall tweets under the @niallhoran tag and registered that as his own in 2009, long before the other Niall Horan found fame and fortune courtesy of television.

The 18-year-old One Direction singer has over five million fans at his @NiallOfficial Twitter account but the Irish Examiner reports that he cannot use his full name as the other Niall got there first.

Tipperary’s Niall Horan revealed: “My Twitter followers rocketed after One Direction became famous in America this year.

“I do try to point fans in the right direction by replying to them from time to time.

“But I have no plans to change my username. I had the name - my real one - on Twitter before Niall, the singer, so I am not going to change it because he is famous.”

The Tipperary Niall Horan is amused by the attention he is receiving from fans, even when he makes it clear he is not the singer.

He added: “I am 5ft 11in with brown hair and am not related to him at all but they continue to follow me despite being told over and over again that I am not in One Direction.

“I have even directed them to the other Niall Horan and sometimes fans get abusive when I do.

“Some fans have even called me on my mobile phone after finding the number on my Gmail account.

“Sometimes the girls tell me they love me and stuff and I go back to them and burst their bubble.”

The paper also reports that Niall follows his famous namesake on Twitter - just for the fun of it.