"Ghost Hunters International's" next show is bringing the audience inside the haunted dormitories of an old Irish workhouse at Roe Valley Hospital, which was once known as Limavady Workhouse, in Derry.

The house operated as a workhouse from 1842 to 1932. It is believed that about ten people died in this home. In April 1930 the remaining inmates were moved to Coleraine and it was converted into the district hospital.

It seems that all these lost souls did not vacate the building and many locals and people still living in the building still have some chilling tales about.

Damien Corr, the general manager of the hospital told the London Derry Sentinel "Our security guys used to sit out in the foyer at a table, and at the end of the left-hand corridor was the maternity ward and they regularly reported hearing the sound of crying babies.

"Another story that has been on-going in Limavady for some time, is that a nurse in here kept her pregnancy secret, delivered the baby herself and killed it, and sometime later, wracked with remorse, she hung herself.

"What has emerged recently is another version of that tale. Our security guard saw someone in a uniform, albeit in another area of the building, walking up the stairs which would have taken you to the nurses' home.

"Other people say they have seen things but there are stories of sightings of a nurse in an old-fashioned cape with a red hood sitting on the bridge out at the front of the hospital. In the 1960s and 1970s there were a lot of sightings of this figure."

He said that other nurses would also hear the sound of a nurse with a wooden leg at 3am.

He continued "I would have thought a wooden leg would have been a career no-no for a nurse. It could have been a patient with their leg amputated, but local folklore has it that it was a nurse."

No wonder the "Ghost Hunter International" crew look so nervous as they go to investigate. On tonight's show two of the ladies will visit the women's area in the old dormitories where the footless apparition has been seen.

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