The Saw Doctors have won us over
Heading to Pennsylvania this weekend for the West Virginia Feis at Pittsburgh? Or maybe you’re off to Massachusetts for the 2013 World Irish Dancing Championships.

No matter your competitive destination this weekend, we want to share four tunes you should add to your own playlist before lacing up and taking the stage. Best of luck to all competitors and be sure to come back and share your results with us!

“To Win Just Once” – The Saw Doctors
Listen to this…then picture yourself winning.

“Bright Lights” – The Pogues
An upbeat jam that will get you ready to dance under those stage lights.

“Bustin Outta Here” – Damien Dempsey
Squash pre-dance jitters with this powerful song.

“Dancing in the Moonlight” – Thin Lizzy
This one will make you want to keep those hard shoes on well into the night.