Gerard Butler may be a hunk, but according to, he’s no movie star.

The popular gossip news site has put the Scottish actor on “movie star probation,” a status that has been previously awarded to Irishman Colin Farrell and Englishman Jude Law, two “guys who were made into leading men before they had time to prove that they had the chops for such a responsibility.”

In Gawker’s opinion, both Butler’s comedic turn on “Saturday Night Live” and his new flick “Law Abiding Citizens” “suck,” and the actor hasn’t made anything great since “300.”

The site points to Irish film “P.S. I Love You” as an example, the Cecelia Ahern-written rom-com they call a “box office flop” and “critical dud.”

Gawker has hope for the hunky star, however, in his upcoming film with Jennifer Aniston, “The Bounty,” which has some potential.

However, if he fails to deliver, Hollywood banishment is what lies ahead.

“While not as bad as Oscar winner Cuba Gooding Jr or professional bad decision makers Nicolas Cage and John Travolta, Butler is headed down that path if we don't intervene,” they said.

“If he can't pull out a decent project or two then he will be banned from all movies, tabloids, red carpet affairs, awards ceremonies, and celebrity relationships.

“If he can stay out of the press for three years, he may be rewarded with the starring role on a CBS procedural. This is your punishment Butler, so you better shape up.”