Gerard Butler is in hot water after telling two female fans to 'f... off after they pinched his buttocks during a night out at a London nightclub.

“Get a f***ing life!” Gerard swore at the female fans, according to British tabloid the Daily Mirror. “Go on f*** off.”

“The girls looked a bit sheepish as Gerard headed across the road for yet more booze,” a source told the paper.

Gerard, 40, said recently his life is “really boring”.

“I just like to go back home and chill out with friends. It sounds really boring but it’s true,” he said.

“Sometimes I finish a movie and I get used to a certain lifestyle and when that stops I get a bit lost for about a week. "No one is bringing me lunch anymore — I’ve gotta go do that myself?"

“I lose the main point of my focus. Often all I want to do is travel and just get the hell outta there. But I’m actually boring really.”

Butler starred in 'PS I love you' the Irish romantic movie based on the Cecelia Ahern book of the same name. He is a frequent visitor to Ireland where his family originally came from.