Gerard Butler isn't fussy about who he dates.

The Scottish actor – who has been romantically linked with a number of different beauties including former “Friends” star Jennifer Aniston and singer-and-actress Jessica Simpson – doesn't have a particular type when it comes to girls because he hasn't yet met the perfect woman.

The 40-year-old said: "That's pretty much impossible to say because I'm not sure I'd know who she was until I saw her. All sorts of different characteristics appeal, from gentleness and innocence to strength and power – it just depends how they manifest themselves in a particular person."

While the “Bounty Hunter” hunk doesn't know what he wants in a partner, he would like to settle down and have children eventually.

He said: "Sometimes I think it would be great, but other days I don't because my job takes me all over the place and I wouldn't necessarily be around for them that much.

But I can definitely imagine it happening one day. I love being an uncle and I get on well with kids."