The man who stayed at Stephen Gately's house the night he died has claimed they were having a two-year affair. Bulgarian student Georgi Dochev claims his previous statements about meeting the Boyzone singer and his husband Andy Cowles the night before the star's tragic death in October are untrue, as he had been having a long-term sexual relationship with both men.

He admitted: "This is not true. We met more than two years before that night." The student told a radio station in Bulgaria the three of them met regularly for dates and sexual encounters. He said: "Well, we didn't go fishing or go to the library. I did it with both of them."

Dochev has also claimed the men had a "threesome" on the sofa that Stephen was later found dead on. He explained to Darik Radio: "He was very, very drunk, and when he fell asleep on the sofa with his body in a weird position, it did not seem that strange to me.

"We had a threesome on the sofa where Stephen died. Stephen and Andy slept together on the sofa, I fell asleep in the bedroom.

"In the morning Andy went into his room. I noticed some strange spots on Stephen's legs, but I thought it was due to some kind of skin disease."

After Andy returned to his room at their holiday home in Majorca, Dochev has claimed they had sex again shortly before they discovered Stephen's lifeless body.

He added: "Then Andy and I had sex once again in his room. Then we had a shower, and went to Stephen. I took his wrist and he was motionless. I asked Andy to come and check him. Then we saw fluid coming out from his mouth." Stephen died of a previously-undetected heart condition aged 33 on October 10.

Andrew Cowles and Stephen Gately on their wedding day