A new documentary featuring Hollywood A-lister George Clooney’s father and his Irish roots is in the works. Kilkenny born filmmaker and historian Gabriel Murray will travel to Kentucky next month to interview Clooney’s father, Nicholas, in George’s childhood home.

The Belfast Telegraph reports that Murray is excited about the upcoming project with the Clooneys. “Nicholas [George’s father] has agreed to be in the documentary. He is a very positive man," said Murray.

Murray has been working hard going through parish records to dig up more connections about Clooney’s Irish roots. Most recently, Murray discovered a baptismal certificate which verifies that George’s great-great grandfather, also named Nicholas, was born in Tullahought, about 25 miles south of Kilkenny city.

Murray decided to search for the elusive baptismal certificate after Nicholas Clooney searched unsuccessfully through Windgap church for certificates during a separate visit.

Story has it that George Clooney’s great-great-grandfather was evicted from Ireland, though there is a “doubting Thomas mentality” says Murray about the truth in that tale. Many have a hard time believing that he was evicted in 1847 and headed for the States since “he was only worth £2 and two shillings” at the time.

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There are still Clooneys related to great-great-grandfather Nicholas Clooney living in Kilkenny, Laois, and Clonmel, who will become part of the documentary. "We will be revealing how closely related they are in the documentary but we can't say too much before the film comes out," said Murray.

Murray hopes to have the film wrapped by April, just in time for George Clooney’s reported motorcycle tour of Ireland.

The Corrigan Brothers are in preparations for the big Clooney visit this spring as well, and have penned a song ‘Welcome Home George Clooney’ for the occasion, which will be included in the documentary. Check out the tune below!

Next Friday, Kilkenny will be hosting a George Clooney lookalike contest, which will also be part of the upcoming documentary.

The Corrigan Brothers - ‘Welcome Home George Clooney’: