George Clooney will rev-up the ladies in the Emerald Isle when he undertakes a Harley Davidson tour to the land of his ancestors  in April 2012.

The Hollywood superstar has now publicly committed to an Irish trip -- thanks to Bono.

Clooney confirmed to the Irish Examiner during a stop in Toronto that none other than the U2 star  is advising him on his Irish itinerary.

Clooney, 50, plans hopping from county to county on his Harley Davidson when he’s there next April.

"It’s finally happening," he said. "I ran into Bono here in Toronto, who was in town for the documentary about U2 and he’s as much of a bike nut as I am. He started telling me about lots of cool places I should check out, so I’ve committed to going there in April."



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Clooney added that he’s attempted to organize an extended visit to Ireland in the past, but work commitments got in the way. His Irish roots are distant -- his father Nick Clooney’s great greatgrandfather, Nicholas Clooney, was a native of Kilkenny.

The Examiner also reported that his paternal grandmother’s maiden name was Guilfoyle.

He is currently touring the world promoting his films with his latest arm candy, former WWE wrestler Stacy Keibler.

No word on whether the leggy Stacy will be on the back of Clooney’s bike when he roars around the Emerald Isle.