George Clooney,  Colin Farrell and Bono  are among a string of famous faces – which also includes Annie Lennox, Jessica Alba, and Bill Nighy – who appear in a new PSA (Public Service Announcement) clip for ONE, which aims to end the famine in Somalia which has killed over 30,000 children in the last three months.

The short film – titled ‘The F Word: Famine is the Real Obscenity’ – features the stars bleeped out as they appear to say f**k, until it is revealed they are actually saying ‘famine’.

Bono said in a statement:  “More than 30,000 children have died in just three months. Mothers are forced to decide who to feed and who to let die. In 2011? That’s obscene.

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"This is complicated, no one’s pretending it’s easy -- Somalia has been without a functioning government for 20 years -- but droughts don’t have to result in famine, just look at Ethiopia and Kenya who have preventative policies in place.

"There are things that can be done, and if we really believe the life of a child in East Africa is worth the same as the lives of our own children, we have to act."