In a decidedly un George Clooney-like move, the star broke his hand when he shut a door on it  while on vacation in Italy.

The mishap occurred while Clooney was at his holiday home in Lake Como.

The 49-year-old went to the Ars Medico clinic for treatment.

"The only reason he went to the hospital was to get a temporary cast put on," said Clooney rep Stan Rosenfield.

Clooney has been in the wars a little in recent years. He crashed his Harley in New Jersey two years ago and injured some ribs (then girlfriend Sarah Larson broke a foot in the same accident), and suffered a serious back injury while making "Syriana."

While this faux pas shows that Clooney isn't perfect, millions of women around the world need not worry about the long term prognosis of their perfect man.

"The doctor has given him 30-40 years more to live,” added Rosenfield, “and no live animals were harmed during the wrapping of the hand."