A gaunt-looking Liam Neeson has bravely stepped back into the spotlight into New York.

The Irish actor walked the red carpet for the first time since the tragic death of his beloved wife, Natasha Richardson, at the New York premiere of his latest film, “Five Minutes of Heaven.”

The premiere took place at the Tribeca Grand Hotel Tuesday night, where the press was explicitly instructed not to ask the grieving actor any personal questions.

The 57-year-old Ballymena man was his typical gracious self, though he appeared rather gaunt and tired,

The Irishman was asked what his vision of heaven is, and he responded that he is “kind of living it at the moment” by spending time with his sons with Richardson, 13-year-old Michael and 12-year-old Daniel.

Neeson, who lost his wife of 15 years in March after she suffered a head injury from a skiing accident, has been immersing himself in his work during this trying time in his life.

Inspired by true events, “Five Minutes of Heaven,” from German director Oliver Hirschbiegel, is a political thriller about two men from opposite sides of the sectarian conflict in Northern Ireland starring Northerners Liam Neeson and James Nesbitt.

Playing against their own backgrounds, Neeson, who hails from a Nationalist background in Ballymena, County Antrim, plays Alistair Little, a real life Loyalist killer. Nesbitt, from a Unionist background in Coleraine, plays Joe Griffin, the real life brother of a man that Neeson’s character has shot dead.

The film has been met with praise by critics, and won the Best Director Award at the Sundance Film Festival.

“Five Minutes of Heaven” opens in select theaters in the U.S. on August 21.