“The Game of Thrones” series, filmed in the Northern part of Ireland, is sparking a world-wide interest.

This past week, the statues located on Downhill Beach attracted a wave of attention, as filming of the second series began.

Those who are unfamiliar with the books and have not watched the HBO TV series, the "The Seven" statues are predominant Gods in the world author George RR Martin created for the original books.

A local woman who took photographs of the scene without having watched the TV show, did not expect it to be such a hit once she posted them to Flicker, a picture-sharing website.

“My photos started going viral within minutes of me posting them," Amanda Killen told BBC News.

"I only saw the statues from a photographer’s perspective in that they were an interesting subject.”

Ms. Killen said that after tracking where the hits were coming from she realized the series was a global phenomenon.

“The amount of websites dedicated to this program is unbelievable and I have looked at sites in what seems to be every language."
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The series has provoked a tremendous interest in the part of Ireland near the Mussenden Temple and the photographs’ popularity shows just a percent of the true reach the show and the statues have on people.

"I am just beginning to understand what an impact this program is having on people around the world," Ms. Killen said.

If the popularity remains, the statues and the “The Game of Thrones” could be a great asset in helping increase tourism in Ireland.