From singing priests to goat/sheep hybrids, from Irish dance wedding show stoppers to emotional reunions, it’s been a very entertaining year in Irish viral videos! Here are our top 10 picks for 2014.

10. Only in Ireland! Half-goat half-sheep

In April, an Irish farmer in Co. Kildare became the proud owner of a geep – a rare half goat, half sheep hybrid that’s 100% adorable.

9. Three Irish guys Riverdance their way around the world

Three 26-year-old guys from Ireland made it their mission to spread the love of Ireland around the world, doing a little Irish dancing in front of famous monuments and vistas in 23 countries.

8. Irish mother gets the surprise of her life as son returns from Australia

In this video, one of the best Irish homecomings we’ve ever seen, Nicola Nolan took her mother to the beach at Rush in Co Dublin to watch a video from her younger brother Stephen. When the video ends, Nicola tells her mother to “look up” towards the beach for a huge surprise.

7. Dueling tap and Irish dancing priests in Rome

Reverend David Rider (29), of Hyde Park, New York, and Reverend John Gibson (28), from Milwaukee became internet hits when they were filmed in April at a fundraising event at the North American College, an American seminary in Rome.

6. Angry German gorilla throws rock at Irish tourists

Who doesn’t like a nice day out at the zoo? Well these Irish lads who seemed to anger the gorilla in Berlin Zoo will probably be rethinking their next visit…

5. All-male Irish dance troupe rock “Riverdance” style wedding performance

2014 saw an abundance of amazing Irish dance wedding videos, but this has to be the best.

We suppose it’s the natural outcome of having cast members of “Lord of the Dance” as your wedding guests!

4. Inspiring new Guinness ad pays tribute to our heroes this 4th of July

This Independence Day, Guinness released an incredibly moving TV spot, “Empty Chair,” which centers on a local bar where the owner and her patrons hold a special vigil as they wait for one of their own. The ad has been viewed over 3.5 million times on YouTube – no surprise for a company famous for its immensely smart and watchable campaigns. Remember the one with a young Michael Fassbender?

3. Charlie, the Irish beagle who helps care for his owners’ baby

Charlie, a three-year-old beagle in Ennis, Co. Clare, became internet’s newest star this summer. A video that shows the helpful pup bringing toys and household items to his owners’ five-month-old baby after accidentally making her cry has passed 14 million views on YouTube.

2. Belfast tot threatens her mother for laughing while she sings Frozen

Two year old Skye Gracey took the internet by storm in September with her (actually pretty frightening) threats to her mother, who was laughing while Skye sang “Let it Go” from Frozen. Her warnings, in a thick Northern Irish accent, very starkly contrast her lovely princess costume and tiny curls.

1. Irish “Hallelujah” priest steals the show in the most amazing wedding mass video

If there was an unexpected Irish internet superstar of 2014, it was without a doubt Fr. Ray Kelly.

Always the musical one, Father Kelly had long incorporated song into his sermons, taking people completely by surprise with his soulful crooning. At the wedding of Leah and Chris O’Kane, he stunned the bride and groom with his rendition of Leonard Cohen’s "Hallelujah" and the video was posted online. It spread like wildfire and led to many TV appearances and a record deal for the singing priest. Almost 40 million views later, the video – and Fr. Kelly’s clear delight - are still a joy.