Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton and Brian Doherty.

If you've ever complained about not having enough time to devote to Irish dancing, just look at Brian Doherty for a little inspiration.

The professional photographer can be found wrapping up a shoot in Los Angeles one day and shuffling off to Asia with fellow "Lord of the Dance" performers the next. But Doherty doesn't seem to struggle to balance his two professional lives -- it's quite the opposite, actually.

"Photography and 'Lord of the Dance' sort of compliment each other," he said. "It allows me to be on stage and enjoy myself, but to be in these amazing places."

He said that he's known to run off with his camera while his castmates rest up before a show or rehearsals. One time, while on tour in Italy, he darted off to Venice upon learning that the picturesque city was just an hour from where the cast was staying.

When he's not capturing gorgeous foreign lands and super celebs (he recently shot photos for Perez Hilton, Snooki and Jenny McCarthy -- to name a few), find him mixing business with, well, business. He even shot the latest LOTD promotional photos while on tour in France.

"The only downside is that I'm in none of the photos," he said with a laugh. "It's weird having both of my worlds kind of combine."

Michael Flatley leads "Feet of Flames" troupe. Photo by Brian Doherty.  

Doherty credits Irish dancing with helping him make a name for himself as a photographer. His very first photo gig was a favor for a fellow LOTD cast member who needed professional headshots. He said his stage experiences continue to inspire his photography.

"I feel like the stage lighting aspect has influenced my style," he added.

He's also had his hand in another media-meets-dance project. He worked as the producer of TapTronic's videos, aiding in the overall visual direction of the videos. He met TapTronic dancers Ciaran Plummer and Zach Klingenberg through LOTD, and he matched them up with a talented creative crew from Grammy-nominated Surefire Music Group to mix the music, and shoot and edit the videos.

And being known as the Irish dancing photographer helps, too, he admitted. When models and celebrities find out about his second life as a professional Irish dancer, they remember him, and it sometimes helps break the ice.

"Dancing makes me memorable," he said. "You wouldn’t see Jenny McCarthy dancing a jig at any other photo shoot."

Doherty is currently on tour with "Feet of Flames" in Taiwan.