Former Derry born boxing champion John Duddy is the star of Jon Bon Jovi’s new music video ‘Because We Can.'

“I met Jon Bon Jovi and the whole band and they are really sound guys,” the ‘Derry Destroyer’ revealed.

Duddy, who retired from boxing in January 2011 to pursue his acting career in New York, told the Derry Journal how he got involved.

“Basically, my boxing manager got a phone call from someone looking for a fighter who could act and he said he knew the perfect guy,” Duddy explained.

“After sending them my details and a headshot, they called back straight away. They asked if I could dance and act. That was around 4pm and he called back at 6pm and asked if I could start that Wednesday! It was kinda cool...”

In the video, Duddy plays the role of a boxer-turned soldier who locks eyes with the woman of his dreams during a fight, before he’s knocked out.

“We did the video in December and it was like a short film really, one song with four different videos. It was brilliant to be involved with. And I get knocked out in the video too!”

“We filmed for three days, twelve hours a day in Brooklyn, Manhattan and in a nightclub. There’s an awful lot of waiting about involved in acting, but it’s really enjoyable and fun too.”

The Derry native told how the rock legend showed his appreciation to him.

“Jon Bon Jovi even told me it was a real pleasure to have me in the video, but I said no seriously, the pleasure is all mine! Ha-ha!”

The official music video is not available online yet, but here’s a clip of Jon Bon Jovi discussing the new single.