This is the week that Lindsay Lohan may want to sit down and take stock. Why? Because recent events are telling her that her professional reputation is almost shot.
Lohan needs to learn how to navigate the good, the bad and the downright ugly parts of Hollywood stardom - a task that increasingly seems to be dragging the 23 year old down.
It's not like she's short of obstacles. She's been thrown off projects, been in bruising public confrontations with her ex Samantha Ronson, and she's had to weekly fend off the unwanted help of her apparently fame loving father.
Growing up in the spotlight, there's no question she's had it rough.
But if 2010 is still going to be the year she predicted: '2010 is about moving forward, not backward' then she needs to act decisively, and soon.
For all her troubles, Lohan is still a star. And a major one at that. She's still one of the most photographed faces in the world.
We won't be surprised if she finds it hard to find her groove again so quickly. We just know that she's talented and her career is finally on the line.