'Batman: The Dark Knight Rises' behind the scenes photo gallery

Christian Bale and Tom Hardy duked it out on the steps of Gotham City Hall in Pittsburgh, PA on set for their new film, ‘The Dark Knight Rises.’

On set, Hardy looked ferocious with a terrifying mask and a powerful-looking vest. Batman looked equally as skilled in his attire, and the two fought each other in a fake snowfall in the city. Hundreds of extras were casted as policemen and bad guys, and the set was packed with onlookers from the Oakland area of the city.

The particular scene they were shooting was of convicts breaking out from Blackgate prison. The building that they used for the prison was really a Software Engineering Building.

The fighting must have gotten a little too intense, however, because after one scene Hardy was left with a ripped pant leg, according to the Daily Mail.

‘The Dark Knight’ is the conclusion of the ‘Batman’ movies. Christian Bale plays Batman, and Tom Hardy plays villain Bane. Marion Cotillard was also seen filming her character on set, Miranda Tate, at the Mellon Institute in Pittsburgh.

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