It seems protest is in the air in Dublin this week. As the fledgling Occupy Dame Street bank protest  gathers momentum, at the nearby St. James’ Gate a cast of film extras are recreating a famous Irish protest from the last century for the filming of the new TV Mini series 'Titanic – Blood and Steel.'

The twelve episode drama series will tell the story of the famous ship  and will be directed by Ciaran Donnelly who also made The Tudors.

'We’ll be looking at the people who built the great ship and the world that they were living in,' Donnelly told the Irish Independent. 'In quite a radical move we’re going to build the ship, not sink it!'

Celebrated Irish screen star Liam Cunninhgam will plays the role of Big Jim Larkin, the famous Irish political firebrand who urged workers to march for better pay.

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Donnelly says the series will explore the issues that shipbuilders in Belfast experienced at the time. 'We’ll be looking at the struggle of Home Rule,' he said. 'Along with the labour movement and the religious divide that was very present at the time.'

Cunningham told the Independent he couldn't turn down the role.

'Jim Larkin was a remarkable man. In fact he's directly responsible for why we have an independent state now. He brought it about through workers' rights and a workers' revolution, which is probably what we need now,' said Cunningham, referring to the ongoing protests in Dame Street.