The pair starred together in 1999’s ‘Fight Club’ and while they have not appeared on screen together since Edward hopes they can find a project to do together as soon as they sort out some time in their schedules.

He said: “It’s a possibility. We’ve talked about it but me and Brad being in something together is a complicated thing to put together.”

While Edward would love to work with Brad again, he admitted his main criteria for choosing movie roles is the “novelty of the experience”.

He explained: “A lot of why I do something is just the novelty of the experience, though I would say the things that I’m drawn to most personally are things that I feel have some sort of finger on the pulse of the zeitgeist or that are grappling with complex issues. Those are the films that always meant the most to be growing up.

“You have these chapters in your life and I was never trying to have a masterplan. I believe that you have to follow the stream. You can’t control everything that comes to you. You have choices but I don’t see how I could have done it differently.”

Still from cult classic - Brad Pitt and Edward Norton in 'Fight Club'Google Images