As part of his “50 people one question” series, director Kamil Krolak traveled to Galway to ask, “when are you at your most Irish?”

Galway residents and visitors from various counties and towns such as Dublin, Donegal and Westmeath produced a heartwarming collection of responses.

“I’m very aware of my nationality when I’m abroad. And very proud of it. Even in these recessionary times,” said John from Galway.

Three people mentioned the natural beauty of Connemara in their answers:

“When I’m out in Connemara, somewhere in the middle of nowhere. That’s when I feel most Irish,” said Aisling from Galway.

“Being a photographer, I suppose when I’m out in Connemara on a nice day,” says another man, “shooting landscapes and enjoying myself.”

More answers include milkshakes on Paddy’s day, pints, rugby and music festivals. You can sense the pride in everyone’s voice, whether it’s spoken verbally or not.

Most notable perhaps is Michael, born and bred in Mullingar, Co. Westmeath:

“It means the most beautiful thing in the world to be Irish,” he said. “Next question.”