Ville-Marie Inc. Montreal Feis Open Championship Results
Saturday, May 21, 2011
Results Tabulated and Courtesy of Peter Moran and Feis America

Under 11 Open Championships

1st (T) Grace Metcalfe Butler-Fearon (ON)
& Julia Marino Rince Na Tiarna (NY)
2nd Emily Marino Rince Na Tiarna (NY)
3rd Meghan Haughey Butler-Fearon (ON)

U13 Open Championships

1st Brynna McVittie Woodgate-Shamrock (ON)
2nd Nyles Church Reaney Academy (EC)
3rd Isabella Simms Goggin-Carroll (ON)
4th Kenzie Rich Fay-Healy (OT)
5th (T) Marissa Brown Ni Fhearraigh-O Ceallaigh(ON)
& Rowan Dupuis Fay-Healy (OT)

U15 Open Championships

1st Claire Gallibois Butler-Fearon (ON)
2nd Avery McNair Butler-Fearon (ON)
3rd Mairead Dougherty Smith-Houlihan (MA)
4th Meaghan Kilmartin Short (QB)
5th Ayla Reid Ni Fhearraigh-O Ceallaigh (ON)
6th Emily Woolgar O'Donnell (ON)
7th (T) Erin Tackaberry Ni Fhearraigh-O Ceallaigh (ON)
& Katherine Fuller Corrigan (EC)

U17 Open Championships

1st Brian Perry-Carrera Butler Fearon O'Connor (CA)
2nd Katie Holbrook Goggin-Carroll (ON)
3rd Brooke Ezekiel Goggin-Carroll (ON)
4th Merry Devine Johnston (NY)
5th Sarah Mcnally Short (QC)
6th Orla Mahon Short (QC)
7th Gannon Connors Clann Na Cara (NY)

17 & Over Open Championships

1st Corinne Gallibois Butler-Fearon (ON)
2nd Nick Andison Butler-Fearon (ON)
3rd Emily Lupiano Fay-Healy (OT)
4th Lucas Lawton Short (QC)
5th Jennifer Toal Goggin-Carroll (ON
6th Scott Graham Graham (ON)
7th Elspeth McMurray Short (QC)
8th Zachary Warshaw Short (QC)
9th Katie O'Rourke Fay-Healy (OT)
10th Jacqueline Boutilier Goggin-Carroll (ON)
11th Natasha Woytiuk Short (QC)


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