Breathtakingly beautiful with captivating stories, “John Creedon’s Wild Atlantic Way” is a feast for the senses and the new three-part series is now available on RTÉ Player International.

Immerse yourself in some of Ireland’s most breathtaking scenery and captivating stories with “John Creedon’s Wild Atlantic Way,” which is not only exquisitely shot but provides the viewer with a feast of Irish landscape, seascape, and culture.

The world’s longest defined coastal touring route, the Wild Atlantic Way is a spectacular route that weaves its way from Derry to Cork. Discovering the magic, mysticism and beauty of this historic route, John Creedon’s new series transports us 2,500 kilometers (1,553 miles) along this magnificent west coast route, from the historic and beautiful fishing town of Kinsale, as far as the furthest tip of Malin Head.

“My car is always happiest when it’s pointed west,” claims John. But the Wild Atlantic Way is more than just a road trip. The sea will be John’s highway and he wants to discover why this beautiful yet savage landscape exerts such a hold on us.

Many modes of transport were used to follow this Atlantic route, from horseback, boats land and air, but for the most part of the journey John has chosen the trusty VW 1967 camper van, the favorite of West of Ireland surfers.

“Like myself she’s got a few miles on the clock and like myself she’s built for comfort, not speed,” said John.

Accompanying John’s interviews, is truly spectacular drone footage of the Irish landscape from renowned photographer Peter Cox. This hauntingly beautiful backdrop to the programme is to be savored.

- Enjoy a myriad of interviews, starting with Ireland’s adopted son, Jeremy Irons who from his house on the western seaboard explains that “The West is a long way from anywhere... This is gold-dust and should be dealt with really carefully, with great intelligence, because it is one of the last remaining wild outposts of Europe.”

- Discover how a 400-year-old coconut was found by archaeologists on a sunken pirate ship, believed to be owned by one of the most notorious Dutch Pirates and see Portuguese Pottery salvaged, dating from 1613 to 1618.

- Experience the Fastnet Lighthouse, the tallest and widest rock in Ireland and Britain, via helicopter where according to the Lighthouse keepers 180-foot waves regularly crash against the 100-year-old structure.

- Under the jet black canvas of the Kerry sky, John interviews the International Dark Sky association, with a front-seat view of the stars.

- John also visits Dingle’s colorful Bealtaine Festival.

- Forgotten flight 923, which saw 28 military personnel and their families lose their lives off the coast of Cork in 1962 is re-told with eye witness accounts of the tragedy and recovery.

- With Ireland fast becoming the mecca for cold water sports, John looks at our new relationship with the Atlantic Ocean and how it is being re-discovered by a new generation of sports enthusiasts.

This three part series will also explore music, poetry, festivals and the everyday lives of those who live on this rugged but spectacular coastline.

A not to be missed series for anyone who wants to discover or re-discover Ireland’s magical Western coast and its stories, John Creedon’s Wild Atlantic Way will be available on RTÉ Player International Ireland’s only bespoke multi-genre online TV service, and will be free for the first seven days after initial broadcast. To download the app visit the app store.