Michael Fassbender is to star as legendary Celtic warrior Cuchulainn – which may explain why he’s too busy for love.

Hollywood’s hottest property has raised the funds to make a movie based around the mythical Irish hero.

Fassbender and business partner Ronan Bennett have completed a script for the film about the chariot-riding Cuchulainn.

The Centurion star will play the lead role in the new movie which will highlight Cuchulainn’s famous mighty deeds and battle skills.

“Public Enemies” writer Bennett has been working on the project with fellow Irishman Fassbender since last year according to reports.



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No director has yet been assigned to the movie, currently entitled 'Irish Myths.'

Development finance has been raised by Fassbender and Bennett via their London-based production company Finn McCool Films.

Kerryman Fassbender has also revealed that his busy career makes it impossible for him to become involved in a relationship.

“It’s very difficult to maintain a relationship doing this kind of job,” said the Shame star.

“I know people do manage to maintain marriages and relationships within it, but I’m pretty selfish in terms of how I work and the time I take.

“I would want to give my all to a relationship if I did find the right woman but I rarely even gets to spend time with friends and family and would struggle to fully commit.

“I disappear, I don’t see my friends for like four weeks or very seldom I see them, so it’s not fair on a partner when you’re not there and investing and giving them something to sort of work with.

“At the moment, I’m concentrating on work.”