A petition with over 5,000 signatures has been circulating the web in an effort to get Cape Cod native, Siobhan Mangus, reinstated on "American Idol".

Fans are insisting that she be returned to the show as a wrong number posted by a third party to a Siobhan fan-site on Facebook was wrong.

So instead of voting for their favorite contestant- in this case Siobhan- fans were calling a number for other contestants.

Outraged at the mistake, Siobhan fans have taken to the Internet looking for signatures to get Siobhan back in the game.

Unfortunately we all know that isn't going to happen.

The only way Siobhan will make it back onto that stage will be in the final episode when the top 10 are brought back for a celebratory song.

Even though the digital petition is not going to make any difference, it's nice to know that Siobhan has so many fans who care so deeply for her.

Siobhan Magnus petition to have her return to 'American Idol'