Fans of "American Idol" contestant from Cape Cod, Siobhan Magnus, have told Irish Central they are worried that she may get the boot from the show tonight.

Magnus performed Elvis' "Suspicious Minds" on the show on Tuesday night but the judges weren't too impressed with it.

"I think they are getting harder and harder on her as the weeks go on," said Rachel Mayer, an avid Irish American "Idol" fan.

Mayer, who votes for Magnus without fail each week, thinks her favorite contestant will be definitely in the bottom three "with a serious threat" of going home.

"The big thing this week is that the judges are sending home two people because they kept onto Big Mike last week so that puts Magnus in even more danger," she adds.

Another Magnus fan who said she heard her perform in a band in Boston is also worried about Magnus being eliminated.

"Last week they used their one and only save on Big Mike so even if Siobhan is in the bottom two she is going home," said Dara Power.

There are still nine contestants in the competition, why do they think Mangus will be in danger?

"Well," said Power. "Last night (Tuesday) a load of the other contestants got really good reviews even Tim who the judges never like so when it came to Siobhan's turn they were a little hard on her I thought which isn't going to help her ratings with the viewers."

Although judges Randy Jackson and Ellen DeGeneres were on the fence about her performance, Kara DioGuardi and Simon Cowell were particularly hard.

Cowell said that he "doesn't know" what type of singer Magus is and he described the performance as "erratic and "terrible." DioGuardi had similar comments. She described Mangus's version of "Suspicious Minds" as "confusing."

"This is what gets to me right, they - well especially Simon - tells Siobhan he is sick of her screeching, you know the part when she hits that amazing high note- and then when she doesn't do it she gets flak for it," said another frustrated fan, Eric Daly.

"Hitting that high not is her thing.

She gives us all the chills when she does it and that's what the fans love, I know I do and so do all my Siobhan friends," he said.

Last week Magnus left out the "screeching" when she sang "Across the Universe" from the Beatles collection.

The judges' reactions? "You are not being true to yourself," said DioGuardia. "I want you to go back and hit those high notes," said Jackson.

"At least Magnus stood up for herself and defended her singing style," said Power referring to her talking back to the judges in a very polite way and saying; “Even I can’t pinpoint who I am. I’m not just one type of singer.”

"I'm hoping America put enough calls into the show last night to keep her from the bottom three because if she is there it won't look so good," added Daly.

Mayer's pick for the bottom there - "Well these are the three I think deserve to be in the bottom three - Aaron Kelly, Andrew Garcia and Kate Stevens." Magnus' fate will be revealed tonight between 9 p.m and 10 p.m. on Fox 5.

Siobhan Magnus: Fans fear the stunning singer might get the boot on 'American Idol' tonight