The 'What Makes You Beautiful' hitmakers will appear in magazine "Fame: One Direction" when it's released in shops and the book will follow their rise from the 'X Factor' to pop stardom as they embark on their adventures around the globe.

Music mogul Simon Cowell will also have a cameo role in the book - which is being created by writer Michael Troy and illustrator Gustavo Rubio - and American company Bluewater Productions will publish it.

It will be part of the 'Fame' series of comic books which tells the story of stars including Demi Lovato, Katy Perry and Justin Beiber.

The comic strip comes months after the group were the subject of animated show 'The Adventurous Adventures Of One Direction', and were hoping to take animator Mark Parsons' project further and getting involved themselves.

Speaking of the cartoon - which has had more than six million hits on YouTube - Liam said: "We loved it and there might be some more cartoons with our voices in the future."

The cartoon saw the quintet transformed into superheroes to save the world at the hands of evil Lord Faptaguise and features a Simon Cowell-alike, Psymon, as an overseeing Lord.

The front cover of "Fame: One Direction" - a comic book tracking Niall Horan and the boys rise to fameBluewater Productions