Ireland’s Evanna Lynch is winning rave reviews from English fans for her performance in the new Harry Potter film.

Potter-mad Lynch, who made her acting debut in "Harry Potter and the Order of The Phoenix," was selected from over 15,000 other young hopefuls through an open casting call in 2006.

This time out, in "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince," we get to see Harry’s growing affection for Luna, the otherworldly girl who tells him she wears shoes to bed because she frequently sleep walks.

When he’s stuck for a date for Professor Slughorn’s Christmas Party, he thinks of his oddball friend. True to form, Luna doesn’t disappoint: she shows up in a bright silver dress that’s reminiscent of a Christmas tree! A true eccentric, the only thing to do is be charmed by Luna, and this time Harry completely succumbs.

Early in the film, it's Luna who comes to Potter's rescue when Draco Malfoy breaks his nose in a surprise attack on him. With a wave of her magic wand Luna fixes his nose and sends him on his way.

Their friendship is a crucial plot point in both J.K. Rowling’s books and the films, and this edition highlights their deepening friendship as Harry comes to rely more heavily on her support, loyalty and courage.

As for Lynch, with her Irish accent, and her flawless understanding of her character, the young Drogheda girl is making a name for herself.

Earlier this month she told Irish Central: “The best part of this experience has been meeting the people who were idols. That has been great because they are amazing people and they do achieve so much though working so hard," she said.

"But they’re so normal as well and they don’t have airs and you see all sides of them. I used to be afraid to appear on the film set because I felt I was not ready and what would I do, you know? But I learned that they don’t expect you to be perfect and that was a great thing to learn. Just to be a part of the film is thrilling, because I’ve always been a huge fan of the books, and now I can say I did my part for it.”