Irish actress Evanna Lynch has revealed how much she loves acting in the next Harry Potter film, the first part of "Harry Potter and Deadly Hallows," which will hit the big screens in November 2010.

In an interview with online site SnitchSeeker, Lynch said she loved shooting in Wales for the Shell Cottage scenes in Deathly Hallows.

"It was really nice. It was like a little beach away from everything. It felt really real because it was not a set. It was really open. It was freezing. It was kind of like home though, as well … a little place in the middle of nowhere."

Though she designed the earrings and the lion hat for the last movie, she reveals she was too busy this time round to do it. .

 "Not really, no, 'cause I have exams. I'm a bit busy. But I did try a few things on the Lovegood house. It'll be really fun when you see that. So colorful. It's so Luna."

When asked what it was like it like working with Welsh actor Rhys Ifans, who plays Xenophillius Lovegood, editor of the wizarding magazine, the Quibble, Lynch stated, "It was brilliant because he's really so happy just being by himself. He's really honest too, as well. Sometimes the clothes, in a way, are a bit out there. Sometimes when I'm on set I feel like I can't talk to people in these clothes. But with him we were like a little group, a little unit.”

As to what the characters are thinking in the second last movie of the Harry Potter set Lynch says, "I think they all know the ending. They all know that it has to come. And they all have an idea that Harry's not going to be there. They all jump in. They go back to form Dumbledore's Army and they're ready. They don't need Harry as much any more. I think for Luna, personally, she's really happy because in the sixth one she established she has friends, so that's all she needs to fight.”