Irish actress Evanna Lynch, who plays the role of Luna Lovegood in the “Harry Potter” film series, has revealed that when it comes to music, all she listens to is Michael Jackson.

“Michael Jackson is my ultimate favorite musician and man," she says.

“I only discovered him about two to three years ago and since then my love and fascination with him and his music has grown considerably.

“I love his music and personal style, especially his dance, and I mostly only want to listen to him.”

The actress, who can currently be seen in theaters in “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,” says Jackson’s music makes her happy and inspires her.

“He used his immense talent to channel important messages to help change the world,” she said. “The messages in his songs are so strong and direct that when you listen to them you have to hear them, like ‘Man in the Mirror,’ ‘Earth Song,’ ‘History,’ ‘We've Had Enough.’

“I love that philosophy of questioning yourself and the world, transforming yourself and believing that one can make a difference.”

Evanna is mourning the King of Pop’s death along with the rest of the world, and says she misses him “very much despite never having met him.”

Still, just like her character Luna in “Harry Potter,” the County Louth native looks on the positive side, and says Jackson’s message, “to stop existing and start living,” lives on.

“His music and message will never die because he moved the kind of people who are determined to let it live on,” she said.

Evanna's other pop faves are AIR, Ella Fitzgerald, Muse and even Britney Spears.

And though her friends voted her “worst taste in music” on Facebook, the Evanna brushed their opinion aside, saying: “I thoroughly disagree.”