He's not just a pretty face on "Entourage." Kevin Connolly has also taken a few shots at directing certain episodes of the man-eating show "Entourage."

In a recent shoot, Connolly had to direct a bathroom sex scene between Adrian Grenier and real-life porn star Sasha Grey.

This will be shown in an upcoming episode of the show.

Connolly, who plays Vince's manager E on the show, told fellow Irishman Jimmy Fallon all about it.

“I was the first one to get the script, and I was dead serious, like, ‘All right, guys, we got a racy scene coming up,’” he said.

 “And she was like, ‘Racy?’ I was like, ‘Well, maybe not so much racy for you…’ ”

Despite Sasha’s experience in the adult film industry, Kevin said directing the scene was still a little bit uncomfortable.

“I was happy when that scene was over,” he admitted.