HBO’s monster hit Game of Thrones is back filming in Belfast for season seven – its second to last one – and most of the stars are present and accounted for, including Emilia Clarke, who plays Daenerys Targaryen.

Clarke posted a photo to her more than seven million Instagram followers early Sunday morning, showing a misty sunrise over the famous Harland & Wolff shipyard.  “Belfast you are shining for us this morning,” she wrote, and the photo received close to 350,000 likes.

Of course it isn't all beautiful sunrises and glamor for Emilia in Belfast. Since then she posted a video of herself battling the strong gales.

We've all been there, right!?

Game of Thrones has been a tourism godsend for Belfast.  The fantasy show has been filmed in Northern Ireland since its debut in 2011 and its legions of fans have flocked to Titanic Studios in Belfast and other shooting locations in the North for tours.

Last week Tourism Ireland, who must be over the moon about the HBO hit, released a new video with the blurb "Grab your greatsword and enter the real-world Westeros with our 3-day Game of Thrones itinerary, taking you to the best filming locations in Northern Ireland." How could you not be tempted.

Here's the clip: