Ellen DeGeneres has personally requested Cork musical group and Internet sensation Crystal Swing to appear on her show. 

Their video 'He Drinks Tequila' has had hundreds of thousands of hits since DeGeneres mentioned it on her twitter page, which has more than four million followers.

Ellen again highlighted Mary, Derek and Dervla Burke’s talents when she played a clip of their now famous " He Drinks Tequila" video on her St Patrick's Day special last week.

"This is a family of singers from Ireland," she explained. "I like them. Their song is called ‘He Drinks Tequila.’

"Then they have a follow -up hit called 'He Drinks Appletinis And She Wonders Why He Doesn't Sleep Over'," she joked.

"We couldn't get Crystal Swing for our St Patrick's Day show, but we are hoping to get them."

When contacted by the Evening Herald newspaper their manager Hugh Rodgers said negotiations were ongoing.

"Nothing is confirmed yet. They have just expressed an interest and she put a clip on them on her St Patrick's Day show," he said.

"I can't really say any more than that for now. I have to protect the family's interests. The interest in them has been phenomenal. The phones just haven't stopped ringing," he added.

Based in Middleton, Co Cork, the trio shot to overnight fame after their appearance f on Rural TV's Hot Country show, which gained them more than half a million hits on YouTube.

They have already appeared on RTE's The Late Late Show and The Afternoon Show.

Both Derek (18) and Dervla (16) are still at school but hope to have a career in music.

Their mother Mary, (41) says meanwhile, she regrets not following her dreams of becoming a professional singer, but they now might be coming true.

"It was my dream as a child to form my own band," Mary said.