A Donegal man was on his way to New Zealand via LA when he became a topless star on the 'Ellen DeGeneres Show' last week.

Craig Magee from Letterkenny in Donegaland his Scottish girlfriend happened to be walking past DeGeneres' Walk of Fame 'star' on his first day in Hollywood, when he bumped into a live link to the popular TV show.

As part of a sketch, DeGeneres, who was in studio, was asking passers by to give a cash tip to her new star, which she officially unveiled September 5th.

The blond TV personality joked that Magee could donate some cash or the T-shirt he was wearing, to help her cause.

DeGeneres was practically speechless when the 25-year-old whipped off his shirt, live on camera.

Ellen said: "You are my new favourite person. You are fantastic."

She then asked Magee and his girlfriend to sit down beside her Hollywood star, so they could take a shot.

"That's my Christmas card, folks,” she then told the audience.
Speaking about his 15 seconds of fame, the young man described Ellen as really nice.

"It was just great craic," he told the Irish Independent. "I'm on my way to Auckland. I'm hoping to get a job on a building site down there, though it's not certain.

"I'm with my girlfriend and we thought we'd come here for a few days. We're then off to Fiji for a week and then off hopefully to get a job."

After Magee’s cameo on the show, the pair were whisked off to Warner Studios in Burbank Los Angeles to meet the comedian.

"Ellen was really nice and genuine." Magee said.

"It all happened so quickly I just forgot to ask for a picture with Ellen. Maybe I'll do that the next time I'm passing through LA."

"I still can't believe I was topless on the 'Ellen DeGeneres Show'. I'm living the dream,"  he added.

Ellen Monitors Her Walk of Fame Star: