At merely 13 years of age Elle Fanning looks set on the pathway to Hollywood fame. At the premiere of J.J Abrams ‘Super 8’ in LA critics, public and even Tom Cruise were singing her praise. 
Elle previously starred in ‘Babel’ and ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’. Her acting career began when she was two, working as a younger double for her sister Dakota Fanning  in the Sean Penn movie ‘I am Sam’. Judging by Elle’s most recent role in J.J Abrams ‘Super 8’ however it appears she is making her own way in the world.
‘Super 8’ is set to be aired on June 10.Two days prior to its release nationwide saw Elle took to the red carpet alongside Hollywood’s finest in the movie industry including Steven Spielberg, the movie’s director. 
The film which is set in the summer of 1979 follows a group of teenagers in Ohio. The group are just setting out to make their own lo-fi zombie film when they witnesses a train crash. Not surprisingly,Elle, who plays Alice Dainard, is the centre of attention and a teenage heart-throb for the the local neighbourhood boys. 
According to Hollywood Crush Elle has been named as this weeks girl crush with fans in awe over her success and beauty. When asked about her own ‘girl crush’ Elle responded of the former MTV host and model.  “(I have) a huge one on Alexa Chung - her fashion, everything”