A new mud bath created with clay donated to Belfast Zoo is one of many adaptaions the zoo has made to ensure that their elephants get the best possible care.

Some of the most popular elephants – Tina, Dhunja, and Yhetto – already receive regular pedicures and skin moisturizing sessions, but they now also have the option to have a nice mud bath.

Curator Alyn Cairns explained: “I made contact with the Orangefield Park team and, although I’m sure my request was out of the ordinary, they couldn’t have been more accommodating.

"They delivered 14 lorry loads of clay for the mud bath and, with the recent warm weather, the ladies have been making a splash with the latest addition to their enclosure.

“They love to lie and play in it to cool down. Dhunja is a massive fan of the bath and loves throwing the mud around."

Changes to management techniques and facilities have created a retirement home for the three females and allows the zoo to play a much-needed role in the European-wide zoo conservation and breeding program.