Looks like the organizers of Edinburgh, Scotland’s massive Fringe festival have made a little gaffe in the credits for Limerick’s own rap-duo, The Rubberbandits. The festival’s website has named the act’s country of origin as England, instead of Ireland.


Oddly enough, the duo - famous for their YouTube hit ‘Horse Outside’ which garnered over 9.3 million hits - has Limerick listed as their hometown in their brief bio on the Fringe’s website.

The lads will be in Edinburgh for three weeks, performing 12 one-hour shows which are sure to entertain adult audiences in Scotland’s capital city.

The Rubberbandits took to their Twitter (@Rubberbandits) on Tuesday in the wake of the Fringe fest’s apparent typo saying that, “@edfringe As much as we'd love to swear allegiance to Lizzie. Could ye change our country of origin from "England" to Ireland on yere site?” (sic)

That tweet was quickly followed by a tweet saying, “The Edinburgh fringe festival website has our country of origin as England. It's our own fault for drinking that cup of soup they gave us.”

Edinburgh’s Fringe festival replied via Twitter on Wednesday saying, “@Rubberbandits Your country of origin has been changed by box office team, but please be aware changes can take up to 6 hours to appear.”

Looks like The Rubberbandits will be returned to their rightful owner of Ireland now on the Fringe’s website. Good thing, too, as the duo has been preparing diligently for their Fringe stint, according to their Twitter: “12 nights in a row in Edinburgh is getting close. I've been running around the field with my greyhound Lavender, to build stamina.”

Check out their video for ‘Horse Outside’ here [warning: graphic language]: