Ed Sheeran tells the Irish how much he loves everything about them

The famous "Late Late Show" in Ireland, a Friday night staple for decades, wrapped up its 2017 season nicely last week with a newsworthy appearance from Ed Sheeran, the mega-star who seems like a really down to earth guy despite his fame. 

His love of Ireland is well documented – his grandfather was from Belfast and his grandmother from Wexford, and 92-year-old Anne Sheeran still lives there. 

As Ed told host Ryan Tubridy on Friday, “My entire childhood coming over here four times a year…I am in love with the country and the culture and the people and I just really, really like it. I don’t even feel like coming on and doing chat shows and stuff is even work. It just feels like you’re hanging out, like you’re just here for a chat.”

Sheeran’s latest chart-busting album "Divide" features a song he wrote called “Nancy Mulligan,” a tribute to his Irish grandparents falling in love despite being of different religions.  He performed the song for the "Late Late" audience.

"My grandfather is a Protestant from Belfast and my grandmother is a Catholic from Wexford and when they got married it was like a real thing. But they went against people, got married and ended up being married for 66 years before my grandfather passed away,” Ed said.

Sheeran, wearing a cool Christmas Star Wars sweater, made headlines when he told Tubridy that he likes to drink. A lot.

“I've never woken up and needed a drink but I love drinking every day.  I don't see that as problematic. I love good times,” he said.

“If I drink every day it's with people and I'm having fun ... or in my hotel room watching a film with a bottle of wine."

Here he is performing the Pogues' famous "Fairytale of New York":