Irish American actor Ed Burns is reportedly working on a new project, this one being a holiday themed film about an Irish-Catholic family on Long Island. The film will follow in the footsteps of Burns’ typically Irish themed films such as, most specifically, his 1995 debut in ‘The Brothers McMullen.’

The new film, reports CinemaBlend, will be about a family with divorced parents on Long Island during Christmas. Though divorced, the father wants to come and spend the holidays with his family, causing tension amongst the siblings of the family.

Ed Burns says of the film’s plot: “Half of the siblings still love him [the father] and half of them hate him and want nothing to do with him. The mother hates the father most of all and refuses to have him over for Christmas and the family has to figure out a way to convince the other siblings and their mom to let dad spend Christmas with them.”


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Burns rose to fame with his 1995 film ‘The Brothers McMullen.’ He has plans to release a sequel to the film which also deals with an Irish-Catholic family on Long Island in accordance with its twentieth anniversary, reports Elle Magazine.

Burns will be working with ‘The Brothers McMullen’ co-star Mike McGlone for his new film.

Though Burns does say that he draws a lot from the situations of friends around him for his plots, he never pulls directly from his own life’s happenings. “I’m too smart for that,” he said.