Mercier Press is the oldest independent publishing house in Ireland. For over sixty-five years Mercier has been publishing books that we hope will play a part in informing public opinion and bringing Irish culture and history to the Irish people and the Irish Diaspora. We now have a selection of great ebooks about Ireland available, all written by Irish authors and ready for your Kindle, iPad, Nook or other ereading device. These ebooks are available on,, and other websites.

We have a fantastic range of ebooks about the history of Ireland, including Easter 1916, the Irish War of Independence, Michael Collins, the Great Irish Famine and much more. We also have a mix of ebooks on Irish folklore and tradition, including Irish myths, legends, superstitions and humour.

So if you want to read up on Easter 1916, Michael Collins, Irish Wit, Irish Baby Names, the Irish Famine, the IRA, the Titanic and all things Irish, then check us out! All ebooks are priced at $9.99 or lower.

Supporting Irish Writers and Irish Business

Best-selling Irish History ebooks

•    Irish Aboard Titanic
•    Short History of Ireland
•    Rebel Ireland: Easter Rising and Civil War
•    The Squad: Michael Collins’ Intelligence Operations

Best-selling Irish Fiction ebooks

•    Superchick

Best-selling Irish Humour ebooks

•    Dublin Wit: The Best of Dublin Humour
•    Irish Signs and Notices: The Funniest Collection Yet!

Best-selling Irish Childrens ebooks

•    Annie Moore: First in line for America
•    Arthur Quinn and the World Serpent

Best-selling Irish Folklore ebooks

•    Fables and Legends of Ireland
•    Irish Ghost Stories
•    The Devil is an Irishman

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