2010 Eastern Canada Oireachtas Boys under  10
Champion Patrick Grant and 2nd place Casey O'Brien

photo Feis America LLC
Male Irish dancers from Eastern Canada flocked with their families from Ottawa, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Quebec to compete for regional Irish dancing championship titles qualifying them for the World Irish Dancing Championships and North American Irish Dancing Championships to be held in 2012.  Several 2010 champions defended their titles with spectacular showings from all the competitors.  Special thanks to expert tabulator Peter Moran and the Eastern Canadian Oireachtas Committee for ensuring that Feis America on Irish Central was the first to receive these results after tonight's awards.

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Boys Under 8
1st Gavin Willoughby from Goggin-Carroll
2nd Ian Dekker from Reaney

Special congratulations to Connor O'Brien from Goggin-Carroll who defended his Eastern Canadian Oireachtas title earned in 2010 for Boys under 8!

Boys Under 9
1st Connor O'Brien from Goggin-Carroll
2nd Emile Choiniere-Shields from Short School
3rd Morgan Fontaine from Goggin-Carroll
4th Thomas Stafford from Short School

Special congratulations to Patrick Grant from Butler-Fearon-O'Connor who has three times defended his Eastern Canadian Oireachtas titles from 2008 and 2009 (both in Boys under 8) and 2010 (Boys under 9)!

Boys Under 10
1st Patrick Grant from Butler - Fearon - O'Connor
2nd Casey O'Brien from Short School

Five Time Eastern Canadian Oireachtas Champion
Nyles Church from Reaney Academy

Photo: Feis America LLC

Boys Under 11 
1st Robert McAleese from Woodgate-Shamrock
2nd Guillaume Choiniere-Shields from Short School
3rd Zackery Martin from Ni Fhearraigh O'Ceallaigh

Boys Under 12 
1st Griffin Schwartz from Short School
2nd Zachary Bernier from Goggin-Carroll
3rd Macaulay Fryer from Cornell School of Irish Dance
4th Patrick Wagner from Druid Academy

Special congratulations to FIVE TIME OIREACHTAS CHAMPION Nyles Church from Reaney who has four times defended his Eastern Canadian titles from 2007 (Boys under 9), 2008 (Boys under 10), 2009 (Boys under 11) and 2010 (Boys under 12)!

Boys Under 13
1st Nyles Church from Reaney
2nd Liam Kenny from Ni Fhearraigh O'Ceallaigh
3rd Christopher Bulman from Finnegan School

Special congratulations to Keelan Paliani, currently from Butler-Fearon-O'Connor who has twice defended his Eastern Canadian Oireachtas titles earned while a Corrigan School student, in 2009 (Boys under 12) and 2010 (Boys under 13)!

Boys Under 14 - Top 5 are World Qualifers, all who placed are North American qualifiers
1st Keelan Paliani from Butler - Fearon - O'Connor
2nd James Houghton from Short School
3rd Lee Tanner from Gilchrist-Canavan
4th Nicolaus LeBel from Ardán Academy of Irish Dance
5th John Carney from Butler - Fearon - O'Connor
6th Kevin Paquette from Short School 

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