Speaking of his support for Obama in that same TV interview Rooney stated, "I probably supported him before anyone in western Pennsylvania." He says he bucked members of his own family to back Obama. "They were all for Hillary. And I kept saying, 'No, I'm not for Hillary.' I said, 'I'm for this new kid that's Barack Obama.' "I said, 'He's going to be great,'" Rooney added. Rooney also stated Obama really cares about the Steelers. "Every time he sees me now, he'll say, 'What's going on?' And I'm saying, 'How in the world could he know who's playing and who's not playing?' "He knows it all like he knew when Parker (running back Willie Parker) was hurt and I saw him and he said, 'What about Willie Parker? Is he going to get back?' "And I said, 'Yeah, he's going to get back.' I said, 'It's going to take a couple weeks.' "He said, 'We need him.' It was that kind of a thing." Clearly we know who Obama will be cheering for Sunday.