Gavin DeGraw and his partner Karina Smirnoff became the fourth couple to be voted off of ABC’s ‘Dancing with the Stars’ during Tuesday night’s results show. The two had been teetering on the edge of elimination for weeks now and their 19 point samba did them in on Monday’s competition show.

Monday’s show saw Irish native Tristan MacManus and partner queen-of-soul Gladys Knight awarded a modest yet safe 22 points from the judges. On Tuesday’s show, the duo was the first to be announced safe, a welcome change from past weeks where it came down to the wire.

After their elimination was announced, Gavin said: "This show gave me another perspective. It gave me an opportunity to step outside of my element into someone else's element and realise what a big pair of shoes they actually are."

Following this week’s performances and results, Tristan took to his Entertainment Weekly blog to chat about his experience with Gladys Knight and how he, of course, misses dear ol’ Ireland.

Speaking about doing the samba with Gladys on Monday’s show, Tristan said “I wanted her to take the applause at the end for how well she’d done it. This whole journey is about Gladys learnin’ how to dance, and me dancin’ with a star.”

Next week’s theme for the dances is Motown music, presumably a clear advantage for Tristan as he’s dancing with one of the premiere Motown artists Gladys Knight.

“To be part of Motown Week in itself is great, but to be part of Motown Week with a Motown legend, for me, is even better.” MacManus is hoping for a fast beat song for him and Knight to showcase their stuff, but unfortunately they don’t have any say in the song used for their dance.

A reader submitted a question to MacManus wanting to know if the dance star missed Taytos or Superquinn sausages more from back home in Ireland.

“I miss both of those,” said MacManus after reflecting on the delicious pros of both Irish staples. “But I mean, if someone was like, here, you can pick one thing — and you’re stuck somewhere and that’s all you can eat — it’s definitely Superquinn sausages over Tayto crisps.”

“I don’t know if the person who’s askin’ is from Ireland or America,” MacManus added, “but if they’re from Ireland they know about Irish milk as well. Totally different. I miss Irish milk. Probably not as much as Superquinn sausages. Irish milk is unbelievable. I was thinkin’ about it the other day because someone gave me this skim milk, it was like water.”

Hopefully MacManus is getting some calcium to keep him strong for weeks more of competition!

Tune in next week to see Tristan and Gladys battle it out against seven other couples during Motown Week.

Here, check out Tristan and Gladys’ Monday night samba performance:

Gladys Knight & Tristan MacManus