Dublin hosted its first Comic-Con this past weekend, boasting sold-out crowds on Saturday and Sunday.

The convention, which was held in Swords in north Dublin, attracted 5,000 people- and those are just the ones lucky enough to have gotten a ticket. The Irish Times reports that the convention "had to turn away a good few hundred or more," according to one of the organizers, Karl Walsh.

"There's been a few great panels and a lot of workshops on - there's someone on stage at the moment making one of the punters into a zombie."

On saturday, cosplayers dressed up as various comic-book and film characters played retro computer games at a stand catered to old-school video game titles. On the other side of the auditorium, huge HD TVs showcased more modern two-player fighting games that require more finesse and control.

Aside from the digital gaming, other attendees played board games like Scrabble and Monopoly. Near this station was the ever-present Comic-Con installation of Star Wars, replete with action figures, toy lightsabers, and collectors items for sale.

Naturally, no comic-Con would be complete without the presence of comic book artists and their works, and there were several stands to feature comics both famous and local. One Irish comic that sold well is called The Dead Beats, which follows a group of zombies who start a jazz band.

In the back of the hall there was a costume competition where people lined up to have their efforts appreciated. Reportedly, one patron "spent two months building a replica Iron Man suit out of cardboard."

One cosplayer, Beatrice from Drogheda, was dressed as Harley Quinn, the Joker's sidekick in crime from the Batman comics. She summed up the experience the best: "When the nerds get together, it's just one big friendly community, no matter what happens."


Callum Kelly (7) with Brian Campbell in his Ironhide armor the inaugural Comic Con DublinBreakingNews.ie