Eileen Gormley, a Dublin mother of three, says its a dream come true that her book has reached the top 2% of sales at Amazon.com

Her book, ‘Don’t Feed the Fairies,' is about an alien named Cytolene who gets stranded on Earth when her family abandons her and falls for two Californian hunks. She also finds a fellow baby alien that’s in danger and needs her help to stay alive.

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Following the advice of her creative writing teacher at UCD, Gormley entered her novel into the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest. The book made it into the quarter finals and was picked up by US publishing firm Fantasy Island, according to the Herald.

Regarding a sequel, Gormley says that she’s already written two more books. “"Fantasy Island is very interested and they reckon that if the second one is anything like the first one they'll publish it."

The book represents the end of a career of hardship and let downs for the ex-journalist.  "I was told at school to forget about a career in writing because I'm slightly dyslexic and I really do depend on other people to read over what I've written and making sure the spellings are right," she said.

Now, she says, “...I'm the leader in the interspecies romance section. People are buying it and enjoying it, which is what I love.”

‘Don’t Feed the Fairies’ - Eileen Gormley